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Top 3 Games - Dom & Elf

Hey everyone, Dom and Elf here from DE_Boardgamers. Below are the top 3 games we currently love. This is based on what we have been enjoying so far with our gaming group and friends. We love them so much that we are sort of becoming an advocate for these games.

Number 3: On Mars by Vital Lacerda

One of the heaviest games we have played based on BGG heaviness rating; at 4.64, we were apprehensive of trying this game initially. We love his other games as well, such as Lisboa, Co2 2nd Chance, and The Gallerist. The crunchiness, the artwork, and the quality of the meeples are just so amazing. Till today, what we like about Vital Lacerda's game is the appreciation of the mechanics; mechanics within mechanics; many things to consider and every move we make affects many other considerations later. When it comes to scoring, there are many ways to score, like point salad. It made us appreciate and awe at the wonder of heavy euros.

Number 2: Pax Pamir 2nd Edition by Cole Wehrle

This game was under our radar, initially, we didn't pay much attention to this game till our gaming group decided to host this game. After our first play, we were hooked, we immediately asked for the next play right after we tallied the scores. After the second play, we decided to procure a copy for ourselves. We did not regret that ever since. Unlike many other games, there is a great possibility for catch up in this game. That may be swingy to some players but we have experienced similar area control games where other players who are behind just gave up mid-game and disengaged because their score was far from the first player. Well...most board game hosts would not like the experience of guests being disengaged? Not with Pax Pamir! The last player in the earlier rounds could just end up as the winner of the game as the final fourth round offers a double score.

It is a cutthroat game that offers so many possibilities. We could choose to form an ally with someone one moment and break the ally and backstab them the next moment. Brutal yeah? If you are looking for a game that has a strong historical theme, area control, high player interaction with mid easy to teach rules, this could just be the game right up your alley.

Number 1: Indonesia by Splotter games

This game is really quiet and does not have much attention it deserves. We came to know about it from someone who is into heavy euros. He mentioned that this is a legendary game for economical euro. We put that to mind but did not manage to find it till we managed to loan from @tabletoptale from Instagram. At first glance, the artwork and the tokens were rather pale in comparison to other good-looking games that we own. This is an ugly-looking game, we had to use some of our tokens to make the game easier for marking territories. HOWEVER, after our first play, we were mind blown by the gameplay. The best part of the game was the merger phase where players would have to negotiate a deal. Sometimes the participation in the merger is not of our choice, rather we are forced into the negotiation. It is a real cutthroat game! After our first game, we immediately went to procure a copy no matter the price! Despite its ugliness, it's our top game. Speaks for not to judge a game by its cover. Compared to Vital Lacerda's games (avoided by many of our friends), this game is surprisingly easy to learn. This game is currently out of print, if you have managed to get a copy of this game, treasure it!

Overall, these games tend to tilt towards the heavy side, but then it offers a truly satisfying play after every game, they incorporate player interaction and also strategic planning which we love.

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