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Top 3 Games - Lizzie

Well my top three was a difficult choice as my boardgame collection is not the largest and some of my most favourite games are owned by friends. So this is my top three of the games I own. Of the ones I play and enjoy that are owned by my game group Alchemists and Orleans would definitely be up there.

The three games I have chosen are ones that I can go back to time and again and they still feel fresh and enjoyable.

This is my favourite little lockdown game and also my favourite out and about solo game. On the rare occasions I get to venture out for some me time this game is usually with me. I am also secretly wanting people to ask me about it when I’m out because it’s always good to convert some new people to boardgames. I’m not the best at this game but I enjoy trying to beat my own scores. This was the first roll and write I ever played and it’s definitely a long term love affair.

I have played this game many times and it is never the same game. I like a bit of randomness and luck to my games. Who doesn’t enjoy that smug feeling when you pick up a tile and it is exactly the one you want, that fits in that awkward spot. Carcassonne is a great game for people who play a lot of games but also to introduce to new gamers. There are lots of expansions to mix up the game and change the strategy. The base game rules are easy for people to grasp and you can make it even simpler and easy for younger kids to enjoy as well.

Another lockdown favourite and great solo game. I find this game very calming playing solo but also thinky enough that you can forget your day and just be absorbed into it. Sagrada is also one of the most beautiful games and when you have built your window you can easily imagine the light shining through the dice like a real stained glass window. While I do love to play this game solo it’s a great game to play in groups and it works well as a two player.

I will never say no to playing any of these games, if you haven’t tried them before you are definitely missing out.

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