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Top 3 Games - Julian & Nikki

Top 3: Julian & Nikki - PintSizedGamers

Hello everyone! We’re so excited to be part of this 😊Choosing only 3 games to feature was extremely difficult and although there are quite a few games that were really close to making the cut, we ultimately decided to go with games that we both love playing together but also get a lot of love and attention in our different friend groups. Currently our top 3 games are:

Number 3: Dream Home

Where can I even begin with this one? Such a simple set collection game has charmed it’s way into being a favourite game of ours. I knew when this game was released that I’d be able to play it with my family but also my gaming groups and it’s become such a fun game for us all. In Dream Home, players are building their ultimate dream home by drafting a column of cards (one tool and one room card). There are 12 room spaces on your house board, which means that the game plays over 12 rounds and you must play every chosen room card in a round. The artwork is absolutely adorable with bright colours and I appreciate the colours correlating to the set collection game mechanic. Not only is this game fun with children and family, but with a group of gamers having an itch for a lighter game that still adds a lot of competitiveness, it has shined. Don’t be fooled by the cute artwork because if you love set collection games, this one plays in a short time and is a joy. I also highly recommend the expansion as it adds modular expansions to play with (private objectives, additional public objectives people are fighting for, solo mode, and an increased player count to 6 instead of 4). We’ll always be down to play Dream Home!

Who doesn’t want to be a Quack doctor creating absurd potions?! Quacks is such a quirky game that we absolutely enjoy playing. When I saw that this game had two of my favourite mechanics, push your luck and deck/bag building, I knew that I immediately had to add it to my collection. Ever since my first playthrough I was hooked and we both have grown to love this game. The amount of variety in the ingredient sets and of course your luck allows us to have such a blast while playing. The artwork and brewing pots really lend itself to the theme and it’s so much fun getting amazing combos from your ingredient pulls. Be aware that if you aren’t a fan of push your luck games, this one might not be the game for you although a lot of ingredients chain together to try and mitigate bad luck. I’ve found that even if there becomes a runaway leader or I’m drawing absolutely terribly, I still have so much fun playing and that lends itself to why Quacks sits in second place.

Number 1: Welcome To

Welcome to… our first place game! In this flip & write game, players all start with the same neighborhood sheet and choose a house number and bonus to play each round. We’ve played this with a lot of different player counts as well as the two of us and it never fails to bring us a lot of joy and fun. We always want to play and I think there’s something amazing about how everyone creates a unique neighborhood. The tension of where to place a house number and which bonus to obtain always stick with you and games usually become quite intense as you race to complete objectives. Although there isn’t a lot of player interaction throughout the game, we always end up chatting about the struggles of our choices! We have all the mini expansions as well for variety and we can definitely say that we can’t get enough! I really think that this one is going to stay as our favourite game together for a long time.. There’s just something so satisfying when the game ends and seeing the neighborhood you created! Absolutely such a blast that this one tops our list!

Huge thank you to Jim for the invitation to create our Top 3! If you’d like to chat and support us, please check out our Youtube Channel @PintSizedGamers and DM us on IG @PintSizedGamers! We always love to chat board games and meet more community members 😊

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