Top 3 Games - Sarah

by @blendedfamilygamers

Our family has always been a fan of board games. Growing up, I played a lot of classics, like Monopoly, Clue, and Scrabble. My husband’s family exposed me to the world of modern board gaming through Catan and Villainous, and a mutual friend of ours shared Carcassonne.

When the pandemic hit, we found ourselves unexpectedly homeschooling my first-grade stepson through the end of first grade and all of second. Curriculum design wasn’t new to me, but through the wonderful world of Pinterest, I discovered gameschooling. Gameschooling was a massive blessing for our family, and allowed Monkey (stepson) to learn through play rather than screen time and worksheets. We invested in games specifically meant for education, like Sum Swamp and Ecosystem, but also in games that met Monkey’s interests, like Organ Attack (anatomy), Engineering Ants, Robot Turtles (coding), and Minecraft Builders & Biomes.

Game nights became huge for us, both educationally and for fun, and I learned that the entire family loved board games! Throughout the pandemic, our collection grew from maybe 15-20 games to nearly 250.

Narrowing it down to three games was pretty difficult, but these three games are games I find myself returning to time and time again.