Top 3 Games - Karyn

by @adventureswithkaryn

What are your top three board games? It seems like a simple question but when you actually have to commit to writing it down & publish it that's a whole other story! I have gone with the three games that I would choose for a game night right now.

Ticket to Ride: My first Modern BoardGame love! When my husband and I first started exploring the hobby we headed to Toronto to a board game cafe to try some games before we committed to them. Ticket to Ride was the first game we chose as we had heard so much about it. We LOVED it. The simplicity mixed with some strategic planning, also the player interaction sucked us right in. We bought Ticket to Ride shortly after that trip & it truly started us on our journey of board gaming. This has become a staple at our table for the ease of teaching new players & enjoyment for all player ages.

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