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My Top 3

Hannah from @saggyhead

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Just like those who have been before me, I found choosing a top 3 pretty hard. I rate all my games out of ten, so should I pick the highest rated games, or do I instead pick the ones that are the most rewarding, the prettiest, the best to play? 


I decided that my top 3 would consist of games that I will never say no to playing. Games that suit any of my moods and are quick enough to play that they fit into a weekend or a weekday gaming session easily. These are games I have expansions for, and play, but I still enjoy the base game enough that it can hold its top 3 spot on its own! 


Big boots for games to fill, and lots of contenders, but I managed to choose just 3. I might add an honourable mention if Jim allows it at the end. Wouldn’t be a top number list without it!


Bagging the Bronze

My first pick is a flip and fill which I only got about 2 months ago and have already played over 20 games of! During this game, you are housing planners trying to build the perfect neighbourhood. Anyone guessed it? It’s Welcome To. This game is great online on BGA or in real life. It works over zoom (which is great given the absolute horror of 2020), and it is a bit more involved than lots of roll and writes. I will never say no to a round of Welcome To, and so it gets the 3rd place position


Scooping up the Silver

Marching up to the podium next, we have my second favourite game and the prettiest game on this list by a mile. It is a dice drafting and puzzle-y game that can melt your brain. It is Sagrada. The components here are absolutely top drawer. The game works well at 2 and scales well to 4 without adding much more play time. Replayability comes from the dice rolling always creating new challenges especially if you are left to pick last from two options that both suck. The tool, objective and the window cards create a different combination of challenges in order to max out points. I also love that this game has become my non-gamer sisters no. 1 game too. 


Head and Shoulders Above the Rest and Grabbing the Gold

My favourite game. The one I like better than all the other 90 games in my collection… (You can follow my challenge to play all my games in a month through my diary entries on the blog). 

It has to be Hero Realms. I absolutely adore it. I’m a fan of deckbuilding, the replayability factor is huge! Hero Realms is probably our most played game ever, and we have had it only about 9 months. The base game is a big amount of game in a small box. We have as you can see in my photo gone all out and bought the huge adventure storage box which contains both the big box expansions and lots of small foil pack expansions too. There is still space for more too! I invested in a few d10 dice to track our health points which I really love too. This game is a banger, and that is why it wins the top podium spot and a great big gold medal. If you haven’t played it or it’s space themed sister Star Realms then do check it out!

I do want to mention a game that nearly made the list, and is my honourable mention. That is the legacy game My City. This only didn't make the list as the eternal game is just average compared to the legacy part. Which is to be expected, and at least there is an eternal option. So not knocking it, and if you haven't already bought My City, then you need to. Right now. Off you pop...

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