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Kevin from @kevimc1

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Choosing my top 3 favourite games was a lot easier for me then I thought. My Top 3 selection is based on the games that get played the most. They’re games most people will be familiar with but they hold a special place amongst my games.


Number 3: Ticket To Ride Europe


This was the first game that caught my attention when I first learned about Euro board games. The miniature trains, colourful cards and the large route map are what attracted me to the game. The concept and rules are straightforward however it is not as friendly a game as one would think which makes it more fun and competitive. Opponents sometimes block or take a route by accident or on purpose which then changes your route strategy. Having to reroute can mean the difference between winning and losing. This game gets played the most with my family.


Number 2: Pandemic

Sometimes we need a break from competitive board gaming and Pandemic is a great way to cooperatively play together. Assemble your team of specialists and prepare to save the world from deadly virus outbreaks. Each member of the team has a special ability but in order to slow down the virus and find a cure everyone needs to work together to win the game. The game design and mechanics are a favourite of mine. The Board AI plays like an evil genius who’s always one step ahead. This is co-op board gaming at its best. Be prepared to not always win but have fun losing.


Number 1: Carcassonne

Carcassonne, the game that inspired the wonderful word we know and love meeple. This is my favourite wind down game to end the night. The popular tile laying game with the awesome meeples. Strategically creating the board while placing meeples onto roads, castles and farms are what make this game great. It's a game that pays to be sneaky by finding ways to connect into someone else’s claimed area. You can share in the points or find a another way to cut them out completely. Another great feature of the game is seeing the funny shapes the connected tiles create.

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