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My Top 3

Jeff from @madboardgamer

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Is there a harder question for a board gamer than ‘what’s your favorite game?’ It depends on so many variables! How many people are playing? How much time do we have? What am I in the mood to play? Have these other people played real games before? My top 3 games are games I would never turn down if someone asked and every time I play them they give me that special feeling that only board gamers understand. Without further ado, here are my top 3.


Number 3: Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game

I have never felt so immersed in a board game than I have while playing Detective. Whenever I play Detective, it is essential that we use giant white boards, markers, pictures and string to connect clues. Detective creates memories and makes me feel like I am actually solving crimes and putting together the pieces of something real. It is such a great feeling when your crime solving comes together or when you find that one piece of evidence you need - it is an experience that I love! 


Number 2: Orleans 

Orleans has so many things that I love in games. I love the bag building mechanic and this one does it so well! I enjoy the challenge of trying to add the best workers to my bag and the randomness of trying to figure out the best actions for the workers that I did draw out. The expansions are amazing, they add more depth and don’t get me started how awesome the Geek Up Bits from Board Game Geek are! Orleans is one that my wife and I will play anytime, anywhere. 


Number 1: Underwater Cities

This game is incredible! From the first time I played Underwater Cities, I was obsessed. What I love most about Underwater Cities is the card/action play. I love the challenge and strategy behind trying to play cards that match the color of the action space. It is the perfect weight for me that gives me some great brain workout but does not make it explode and keeps me wanting more. The only downside of the game for me was the quality of the boards in the first print but that was fixed in the expansion and the new player boards are incredible! Just writing this makes me want to play Underwater Cities right now!

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