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Make Games. Play Games. Make more games!

Terence Barrington from Eruptious Games has a dream! To one make 50 games! That alone is reason enough for me to want to ask more questions! But he also has an awesome website and insta profile all about sharing the love of board games and is an all-round good guy. Let’s settle down with a cuppa and get to know Terence.

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What is your background in the games world?

I grew up playing games. Since childhood when my developing brain could roll die or pick up cards, I have been fascinated with how they work and how they could bring people together so easily. Whether it is online/console gaming or my favourite type – Tabletop games, gaming has undeniably shaped the man I am today and fuelled my passion for engaging the gaming community.

What first got you into playing games?

To be completely transparent, I did not have many friends as a child and gaming was an escape for me. They kept my curious mind engaged and kept me out of trouble!

Games sure do help us in many ways. How did your site come about?

A few years ago, I created my first “official” card game. After market validation, it occurred to me I needed an online presence if I wanted to take this to the level I knew it can reach. Overtime, different facets or areas became present and the current website has been developed as a result.

Could you talk a bit about the site now and what you are hoping to do with it?

My plans for the website are to let people know who we are and what we are about. It is a hub to inspire everyone in the gaming community, and non-gamers too; to discover what we are up to and what’s coming up.


You have a goal to publish 50 games! Tell me about that!

There is no real timeline with this to be honest. Developing 50 games has always been a dream of mine. In my teenage years, I created my own games, as well as variants of existing ones with the notion of providing joy and laughter for my friends and family. Throughout this process, I stored away hundreds of ideas for potential games to invent. Whether or not my company’s games will reach the heights of popular games out there (Such as Cards Against Humanity, Wingspan, Sagrada, etc…), my primary intention with each game is to make as many people laugh and have fun as possible.

What games are you working on now, how can people find out about them?

Our premier game Krypto-nine is just about ready to release! We’ve sold over 300 copies of the first edition and the final version is in its final production stage. The game’s launch will be announced on both our Company’s website as well as social media pages. All social media links can be found below or you can check here now!

Could you tell us how this game came about?

A few years ago, some friends and I were travelling and playing various games with a regular deck of cards. Although each game was enjoyable, they all became repetitive quickly, and I found myself thinking of reasons why that could be, and why so many games exist which get boring quickly. I decided to try to invent my own game that was both enjoyable and could adapt to multiple situations/scenarios so that it did not get boring and repetitive as easily. After validating the initial concept and selling hundreds of the first edition, I knew I had something people wanted.

And why do you think it is fun/unique?

Krypto-nine’s gameplay changes with different ages and mindsets. As the creator I have played thousands of times with hundreds of people and I have never played two identical games. The core concept of the game remains the same, but since everyone thinks differently, the amount of strategies to be discovered are endless.


Sounds cool. When can people get our hands on it?

We are currently looking for play-testers and reviewers. Anyone who would like to check out Kryptonine can email , or send us a message through our website at We are also planning to launch our new and improved Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2021! Our email subscribers will be the first to know when we go live.

What other publishers do you admire and why? Who would you like to have round for a game night?

Tough question as there are so many! I would say my top 3 favourites so far (in no particular order) are Renegade Game Studios, Brotherwise Games and Bezier Games. Simply because they have released so many games that contributed to my love for the industry.

What other game not developed by you would you like to have in your roster of games and why?

Well that all depends on how much time you have! Gloomhaven, Wingspan, Scythe and 7 Wonders are at the top of the list though; particularly because they are beautifully designed games (among MANY others), which include dynamic gameplay, various opportunities to build strategy and have all been a wonderful means of intellectual conversation between my gamer friends and staff. We have begun reviewing Tabletop games on our Instagram and company website and we are constantly on the lookout for new and existing games to review and share with our amazing community. We invite anyone with a game to reach out to us so we can help get their creations out there.

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