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Will from @boardgamebeacon

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Will from @BoardGameBeacon


When Jim asked me to name my top three games of all-time I only just then realised what a truly difficult question he was asking - a question to which the answer would be a completely moveable feast! I decided I’m going with three games that if I was told I could never play again I’m sure that as a direct result I would suffer physical pain and mental anguish!


Number 3: Adrenaline

This game comes across as a ’90s-style arcade arena shoot-em-up a-la Goldeneye and Doom, but it is so much more than that. It looks ultra-violent, but it’s futuristic neon delight of resource management and area control, where the area you’re controlling is the damage on your opponents’ dashboards. Dying is no big deal as you just re-spawn and grab some of the hilarious weapons on offer, such as the Electroscythe, Power Glove, Vortex Cannon and the legendary T.H.O.R.! Even when people tell me they do not like the theme I challenge them to give this game a go because it always surprises and surpasses expectations.


Number 2: Terraforming Mars

I avoided this game for as long as I could manage because of the hype, but then I borrowed a copy from my friend and proceeded to buy my own copy before I had even played it! - I knew this would be a classic just from reading the rules! Every game of TM, whether you win or lose, generates a wonderful story of a corporation starting with very little, then finding its specialisms and contributing to the successful creation of a new world. It mixes the spectacular (crashing an asteroid onto the planet’s surface to generate heat) with the truly mundane (growing algae!) - but all are equally important in this engine building masterpiece.


Number 1: Star Wars: X-Wing

Nine months ago I had never played X-Wing, but having seen the Mandalorian TV series I succumbed to the pestering of numerous friends to see what all of the fuss was about, and oh my! What a game! X-Wing is a duelling game of dogfighting spaceships where you secretly program the movement of your ships and then move them in order of initiative, with the better pilots moving last, but getting the opportunity to shoot first. Each ship feels different to fly and the squad building options are almost limitless with the upgrades, pilots and crew really giving your ships a unique feel. Of course all of the big characters from the Star Wars franchise are there, such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, along with more obscure pilots form the expanded universe like Guri and Fenn Rau. As soon as I finish playing this game I’m eagerly awaiting the next opportunity - it really feels like a lifestyle choice!


I have just realised my top 3 all share a futuristic theme - while I am intrigued by space and futuristic stuff it certainly isn’t the only type of game I go for - some of my other favourite games are set in all kinds of historical, fantasy and themeless environments - I guess that’s what makes this hobby so wonderful - there is a type of game and theme for everyone. Now it’s time for me to ask you, what are your top 3 games?

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