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My Top 3

Jazzy from @jazzylovesgames

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Gaming is such a fun hobby and the variety of games out there suit every kind of taste. When asked to do a top three, it’s a difficult choice for me as with others. There are so many games I love and enjoy for various reasons. Without getting top three AP, here are my top three(ish) games.

Number 3: is a tie between Hanabi and Robinson Crusoe.

Being that they are both awesome cooperative games they cooperatively agreed to share third place... aren’t they so kind?!

Hanabi is interesting because you cannot see your own dominoes/cards. In Hanabi you are trying to create the best fireworks display with five colours and numbers one through five in each. Teammates give clues on a colour or a number and point out all of them. There’s only so many clues available unless you discard a tile which gets a clue back or complete a set in a colour.

Robinson Crusoe is an amazing island survival adventure! I consider myself a tree hugger and being out in nature is my comfort zone. Robinson Crusoe really feels like you are trying to survive on an island through many different scenarios, events and weather.  Victory is so sweet when you do!

Number 2: Dinosaur Island.

For me Dinosaur Island is a mix of Jurassic Park and nineties rad neon goodness. What is so clever about Dinosaur Island is the balance of being able to create dinosaurs from recipes using DNA and making sure you have enough security before unleashing the beasts. Like Viticulture, I enjoy building something up, in this case your own Dinosaur theme park. I enjoy the little humorous titbits too!


Number 1:  Viticulture.

For years now this game has been my favourite. Viticulture got me in to loving Worker Placement games.

What I love about Viticulture is the sense of building up your Viticulture empire in Tuscany. It really doesn’t matter if you win or lose as there’s so much fun in building your property up.

There’s so many more neat elements to Viticulture: it scales so well at all player counts, has a beautiful table presence and the roosters are so cute. I often am reminded of the saying “the early bird gets the worms”.

In conclusion I’m letting the cat out of the bag that I’m a bit partial to worker placements and cooperatives. I enjoy many other mechanics too and a variety of themes as well.

Thanks for reading.

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