Tucano - Review


WBG Score: 8/10

Player Count: 2-4

You’ll like this if you like: Azul, Jaipur, Kawaii.

Published by: Helvetiq

Designed by: Théo Rivière

Toucan play that game. Actually it's up to four.

I love Helvetiq games. Everything they do is full of joy and happiness and Tucano is no different. This is the latest in the line of their small box family games, it puts the players into the shoes of birds in the tropical rainforest, and I love it!

The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest

The idea in Tucano is simple. Collect the most points from the fruit you acquire during the game. This is a set-collection game at its heart, and it brings this mechanism to the table in a brilliantly family friendly way.

To set up the game, separate the Toucan cards, shuffle the deck and split it into two equal halves. Add the 12 Toucan cards into one half of the deck and shuffle them together, then place this half under the other half to form a draw pile.

Then lay out the three top cards from the deck face up on the middle of the table and place a second card half covering the middle card. And that’s it! You will be set up and ready to play in under a minute.

Players then take it in turns to pick one of the three face up columns and take all the cards from this column and add into their collection. Once each player makes their choice, they then must add one new face up card from the draw pile to each column. This means some columns will grow in number, whilst one column will always only have one card. But as not all cards are positive scoring cards, some column may grow quite large until the positive cards on it out-way the negative ones and make this column an attractive option.

Knowledge is knowing that a Tomato is not a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

Plays continues until there is only one column left on the table, at which point all players total their points and determine the winner. The cards in the game offer a huge variety of scoring options and make the game a lot of fun. Let’s take a look at some of them!

There are some cards like the Banana card which score points to the player who has the most amount of them by the end of the game. 2 points per card if you have the most Bananas, or none if you don’t. This makes collecting them dangerous, but potentially very rewarding!

As you can see what each player is taking from each column, you can see what people are going for. So, you can track the other players somewhat. This is not a memory game, but there is an element of this here with the cards.

However, each player keeps their cards face up in front of them, so you can also see what each player has simply by looking! But, you do need to pay attention to what is being brought into each players hand as one of the Toucan cards allows you to flip all the fruit cards in front of you so they are hidden from all other players until the end of the game.