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Top 3 Games - Board News Girl

Hello guys, it's a pleasure to show you my top 3games! Here we go:

This is a board game where you have to care about your guests in hotel, preparing room, food and other things which make them feel special and important.

Grand Austria Hotel is a fantastic game that uses dices. You have to manage the dice to make each action, and there are many differnet options. I love the game because I enjoy the many differnet ways to win and the many options to choose during the game. I also like drawing in that game, although, I have heard that many people do not especially like it.

But I'm really in love with board games that ask you to manage dice in this way. So, this one has a special place in this player's heart.

Paris is game about buying and managing real estate in Paris. It seems to have so little actions available to you, but when you know game well you see that there is a hidden depth. It is only when you first play that you have the impression that you don't have much to do.

This is deep thinking and game and can be really hard, mainly down to the many little actions available to you during your turn.

Paris impressed me so much, at first I thought that it could be boring but it turned out to be fantastic strategy game where you have to plan many things for future turns.

Also, this game is so beautiful! There are many components which have so much detail and of course, the amazing 3D Arch De Triumphand! This has quicly become one of my favourite board games of all time!

Inis is a great area control game about Celtic clans. The main action happens by using the cards, not just the board. I love the art in the game and enjoy that it's a little hard to decide on a good strategy.

It's really hard to have an advantage here because the situation is ever changing and players are not only dependant on your actions but also on the luck of the card draw. You have to pay close attention to what your opponent is doing and make plans as to what you should do to. You need to realize your plan but also try to disturb your rival!

I really like the components in the game. The cards are big and have nice drawings as do the tiles. The board is somewhat modular so every game looks different. I'm so in love with this game and I would like to play it many time more to try different strategies.


As you can see, I'm generally a big fan of euro board games with dice or cards and with great art. Sometimes I laugh that I can buy games with my eyes only! Many times in my life I have become interested in a game at first sight more I even read the rules! Usually nice artwork makes me feel that I really want to know more about games or have them in my collection. But don't worry, I always verify my impressions by reading and watching some reviews and opinions about games.

Thank you for reading abou tmy top 3 games and feel welcome to visit my Instagram profile: board_news_girl to follow my adventures with other board games.

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