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My Top 3

Joe from @movinmeeples

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The top 3 spots of any board game list are pretty contentious. Maybe none more so than ‘my all-time favourite’ list! At the same time though, this cardboard trinity is a highly personal selection. While undoubtably some games are better than others, certain elements make some games better for certain people. As a result, different folks will have wildly different top 3’s. It’s my privilege now to share with you the triumvirate that rule over my Kallax and attempt to explain what make them my ultimate games!


Number 3: Everdell

This game has set the benchmark for table presence with its stunning artwork, voluminous cardboard and legendary meeples. Everdell’s beauty is more than skin deep though. It mixes worker placement and tableau building in the most satisfying and enjoyable way. With card combos, engine building and numerous competitive objectives Everdell always keeps me coming back for more. 


Number 2: Terraforming Mars

TM was the game that got me and Bek obsessed with hobby games! It’s the one that’s been in our collection longest. I'm still excited every time I sit down to terraform the red planet though. I love seeing my economy grow and the planet transform before my eyes. So much so that TM is one of the few games we’ve splurged on upgrades for. Totally worth it, it’s a classic for a reason!


Number 1: Anachrony 

Oh Anachrony, how many ways do I love thee? For me this is the pinnacle of worker placement. Not only are there 4 classes of workers, but to utilise the main board spaces they need to ride in incredible Exosuit miniatures! Add to this the game changing cataclysm mid game and the way time travel weaves through the theme and mechanics and Anachrony is something very special indeed!


At first glance these 3 might appear quite different to each other. I’ve realised though while making this list that they all have common traits that evidently speak to my gaming preferences. They all have strong themes. Theme it turns out is integral to my experience, I want to be engaged by the story as well as the mechanisms. They also share a strong arc in engine building. At the beginning your scratching around doing one or two things, by the end each move feels epic. It feels like you’ve come a long way and I find that very satisfying. So there we are, my top 3. What are yours?

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