Top 3 Games - Steve

By @stevegodfrey77

Picking your favourite anything like board games, movies or your children is normally not an easy task. There are of course lots of things to consider, things that might just give them the edge per another, like for example, a great gaming experience, if they’re made by you’re favourite director, or the fact that they let you eat you’re Jaffa cakes in peace without trying to steal them, the truly important factors.

Up until January of this year (2021) my list was pretty much set in stone. That is of course until I played my now number three game. At which point the number three slot became a hotly contested battle of Vikings and Space.

Honourable mention to Blood Rage which lost that battle but it was down to the narrowest of narrow margins.

Now onto my top three the moment.

3. Twilight Imperium 4th Edition