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Top 3 Games - Elvira

by @boardelv

1. Gloomhaven - the ultimate adventure game that made my team meet every single day to play at least one map! The whole experience of playing Gloomhaven is unforgettable and one of a kind. The feeling of unlocking new character is so exciting!

2. Twilight Imperium - Meeting for TI isn't the whole process. You have to be ready to play a game that takes up to 8 hours! But all the emotions, sudden twists, unstable alliances, epic space battles and scheming… simply awesome!

3. Root - I love asymetric games! Choosing your factions, learning how to play it and what to do against other factions is so much fun! Don’t get fooled! Although Root is super cute it’s actually a great startegy game which aquires you to think a lot and upahead!

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