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3 Festive Games to Keep the Family Entertained this Holiday Season

Updated: Jan 17

Want to know what game to buy for your next family game night?

WBG presents our top three party games, each catering to very specific preferences. Whether you enjoy deduction, crave a more creative experience, or wish to challenge your memory, What Board Game has you covered for all your gaming needs.

3 Festive Games to Keep the Family Entertained this Holiday Season3 Festive Games to Keep the Family Entertained this Holiday Season

Best Party Game for a CREATIVE group who like to be LOUD

WBG Score: 7

Player Count: 4-8

You’ll like this if you like: Pictionary, Broken Telephone, Terrible drawings and ridiculous guess. The clue was on the box!

Published by: Big Potato Games

Designed by: Uncreditied

3 Festive Games to Keep the Family Entertained this Holiday Season

Scrawl stands out as the game that has generated more laughter than any other in my gaming experiences. While it may not be a perfect fit for every group or situation, given the right environment, this game becomes utterly hilarious.

The game mechanics are straightforward. Each player receives a card with a funny phrase on it. Simultaneously, all players draw their respective phrases without any specific rules—just the restriction of not using words. The drawings are then passed to the right, and players try to describe the drawing they receive. This process repeats, with drawings and descriptions circulating until each player gets back their original drawing, now accompanied by a comical mix of you firends attempts at art! Players then share the story of how their phrase evolved, typically resulting in bursts of laughter. If the concept sounds entertaining to you, it's almost guaranteed to be a fun experience!

Scrawl is an excellent game for laid-back settings, requiring no table. It adapts well to various group sizes, and you can play for as long as you want without the need for scoring—just pure, lighthearted fun. There is also a Disney version if you want something more suitable for younger children called Disney Sketchy Tales.

Best Party Game for a STRATEGIC group who like DEDUCTION

WBG Score: 9

Player Count: 4-11

You’ll like this if you like: Werewolf, The Resistance

Published by: Brotherwise Games

Designed by: Justin Gary

3 Festive Games to Keep the Family Entertained this Holiday Season

Night of the Ninja not only plays exceptionally well but also boasts stunning visual appeal. The cards, crafted from cut paper and captured for the game, are mesmerising. The mechanics and overall flow of the game are brilliantly designed, providing an accessible yet strategic party gaming experience.

The gameplay involves all players receiving a card indicating their allegiance to either the red or blue team. In certain player counts, there may also be a Ronin playing independently. Players then engage in a card-drafting phase, choosing one card from three and passing the other two to the player on their right. They then select one from the two handed to them, with the final card being discarded, leaving each player with two cards. These cards are played at various stages of the unfolding phases that follow this. Early cards allow players to gather information about others' cards or allegiances, while later cards enable players to interfere with opponents and eliminate them from the round. However, it's crucial to question whether they are truly your opponents before you strike and knock over their player stand. The game concludes when all cards are played, revealing all players' allegiances. The team with the highest-value remaining player wins. Each player from the winning side then draws a point token from the bag, and the game continues until one player reaches ten or more points.

The gameplay is thoroughly absorbing, immersing players in the art of second-guessing every move. Night of the Ninja is a delightful deduction game that involves everyone, eliminating the need for a game master or a designated leader. The rules are simple enough for anyone to grasp within minutes. While the game can be played in a relaxed environment, having a table is beneficial for providing each player with a designated space for their player stand bu not crucial. Highly reccomend.

Best Party Game for a PLAYFUL group who like test their MEMORY

WBG Score: 9

Player Count: 3-8

You’ll like this if you like: Hanabi, Remembering stuff!

Published by: Ravensburger

Designed by: Kasper Lapp

3 Festive Games to Keep the Family Entertained this Holiday Season

Some party games thrive on sheer silliness and a unique hook, and That's Not A Hat is undoubtedly one of those gems. The premise is simple: each player is dealt a card face up. The starting player draws an additional card, flipping over the first one and passing it to the player indicated on the card, either to their right or left. As they hand over the card, they declare what it is, saying, "This is a Ball." If, indeed it is a ball. This process repeats, with each player flipping over their initially dealt card and passing it to the next person in the direction indicated. Eventually, all cards end up face down, and players must now pass cards that are in front of them, facing down. Players also pass the card they've had the longest, not the one just given to them, and now have to try to remember what on earth it was!

At any time, players can call out someone they suspect of misidentifying a card. If the accuser is correct, the person passing the card takes it as a negative point, drawing another card to continue the game. The first player to accumulate negative three points loses, while the others emerge victorious.

The game unfolds in a riot of laughter, highlighting how quickly our brains forget the most common objects just moments after being declared. With cards depicting mundane and basic items, it's astonishing how swiftly they vanish from memory. Every play for me so far has led to someone immediately seeking to purchase their own copy – such is the impact of the game. Whether you excel at memory games or provide amusement for others with your forgetfulness, That's Not A Hat promises a delightful experience. If this sounds like a fun experience to you I would encourage you to not hesitate and grab this game!

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