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My Top 3

Daniel from @thebgcollector

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It isn’t an easy task when you need to make a top three of games. I see it as a life decision since I can't make my mind up!

In this top tree, I’ll talk about three games that marked me and provided the best experiences so far with boardgames!!

Number 3: Nemesis

In Nemesis anything can happen! You're on a ship with your crew fighting against Intruders (Aliens) and you will be trying to complete one of two objectives!

The tension that this game builds while you play is amazing! The fear of Intruders spawning in front of you and getting you killed makes this one of my favourite games.

It's a very thematic game which I love but the setup does take a while! I have everything for this game and last time we played with the Voidseeders expansion, it did increase the difficulty but also improved the gameplay compared to the base game.

Number 2: On Mars

In On Mars you have limited resources available from Earth and you will have to travel between the Mars Space Station and the planet's surface to deliver them.

Our objective is to develop a self-sustaining colony independent of any terrestrial organization to survive. To do this you need to construct mines, power generators, water extractors, greenhouses, oxygen factories, and shelters.

During the game, players need to construct buildings, hiring scientists, researching technology, completing contracts or even searching the planet surface with their rovers. The first time I tried this game my head almost exploded! But now, since I’ve played more games, everything runs smoothly and I no longer have a hard time playing it. It’s a demanding game in terms of length (3-4h), but this my number two pick and I look at it as my number one as well! This is a solid game and fairly "easy" to understand and teach!

Number 1: Clank Legacy

Clank! Legacy is a great improvement compared to the base game. If you don't know regular Clank, then it's a deck building game where you're trying to make the best possible group of cards.

In Clank you're and adventurer exploring a dungeon seeking to grab valuable artefacts but there's a catch! You must grab one of them and try to escape alive! There is a dragon protecting the artefacts and he will be trying to kill you. The longer you stay, more dangerous it will be!

The main difference to Legacy (no spoilers here) is that you will be playing during several games and each game will have quests that you have to complete! When you complete a quest something will happen to you (good or bad!) and you'll build your map and apply stickers to the board that will make new paths along with other things!

Clank Legacy was an amazing experience that I wasn't expecting to love so much. We had a lot of fun playing it! When you finish the campaign you will have a totally personalized board to play. We even downloaded a post-campaign from BGG and have already completed it! It took nearly 40 hours to complete both campaigns but I am left with not one single regret!!

I'll cheat a "little" and say some games that are also special to me and deserve a line here:

- Dead of Winter (superb co-op experience where you need to fulfil your colony needs, but things might go crazy!!)
- It's a Wonderful World (amazing engine building and card drafting game, the Kickstarter exclusive campaigns for this game were so amazing!)
- Forgotten Waters  (outstanding voice-acting through their game App, it's probably the most immersive game I’ve played so far!)

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