Ginger Fox Games

Ginger Fox are designers, developers, manufacturers and distributors specialising in a exciting range of books, gifts, toys, puzzles and games for both UK and international markets.

Based in the heart of Gloucestershire, UK; Ginger Fox have licenced many huge TV Game show IP's such as Taskmaster to create fast, fun family friendly games for all ages.

We take a look at some of our favourite Ginger Fox games, but first, lets talk with one of the lead Product Managers at Ginger Fox, Pete Gatling to find out what life at Ginger Fox is really like!

Emoji Action 8 years and up. 2 players and up.

Emoji Action is a fast and fun family friendly game which pits your reactions against your family and friends. Players will need to recognise certain familiar emoji characters and faces and respond with the right action themselves.

The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards! But this is easier said than done! Each player will place a card, face up so all players can see it. Then, depending on what card is placed, all players need to react as quickly as they can and act out the appropriate action. For the Ghost, you must stick your tongue out. For the Pizza slice, you must shout “Pepperoni!” For the hand clap, clap your hands! It is so fun to watch your family and friends do all these crazy things, making judging who came last sometimes difficult! But really, who cares when your 80-year-old grandma is currently trying to copy the dancing lady emoji?!

Within the deck, there are many decoy cards to try and throw you. If you perform an action at the wrong time, then you must pick up the discard pile, and the last player to act out the right action when the action cards are laid must do the same.

This game works with all ages and can be used for larger number simply by one person turning the cards and shouting out the card shown. Perfect for kids’ parties!

Corks 6 years and up. 3-14 players.

The aim of the game in Corks is to be the first to collect a set of four cards of the same colour and then grab a cork from the centre of the table before your opponents do. In the box, are 15 high quality wooden corks, painted in different colours along with a deck of cards showing images of different coloured corks.

All players play at the same time, passing one card to their left, whilst in turn receiving a card from their right. This will continue until one player has a set and claims a cork meaning all other players need to stop playing and try and grab a cork for themselves. In the centre, corks will have been placed in numbers one fewer than players. The classic musical chairs rule! Claiming a cork when you have a set can be done very openly and brashly, eliciting a race from the remaining players, or in secret so that the other players may not immediately notice. Causing much hilarity for the winning player that round.

If you don’t get a cork, you are eliminated! Remove one cork from the centre and go again. Play continues until only two players remain, at which point, the golden cork will be placed in the centre of the table, and the final two players will battle it out for ultimate glory. Player elimination is not everyone’s cup of tea, but in this game as it happens so quickly, and you can be back playing within minutes, so it seems less of an issue. And being a spectator in this game can sometimes be more fun than playing!

However, there are a few variants available too which can help with this. 5-Lives Corks, which is my favourite version, makes one major rule change. Instead of being eliminated when you lose, you get a letter, ”C.” The second time you lose, you get a letter “O,” then an “R,” K” and finally an “S.” When you have spelt out “CORKS,” you are eliminated. This gives younger players or people with slower reaction times the chance to enjoy the game a little more before they are out. You can also play colour match Corks, which is much like the base game, but as the first person to make a set of four, when you claim a cork you must get the right colour cork based on the card in your hand rather than just any cork.

You could of course remove elimination entirely and just awards points to the person who collects their set first and have a race to five, ten or however many points as you like. There is a lot of variety here, but the fun to be had is endless.

Know Nine? 12 years and up. 2 plus players.

There are very few good two player party games. Know Nine? Works in two players and up, so can be enjoyed in larger groups, don’t get me wrong. But also works brilliantly in a two. This is rare for this genre of game which generally relies on larger parties, and