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Picking the top 3 board games was a challenging task but ultimately my top 3 picks are: Ticket to ride (especially the UK/Pennsylvania board), Sushi, and Parks.


Number 3: Ticket to Ride


Ticket to Ride in my mind is a classic and is one of the games that got me into the hobby. I love how many options Ticket to Ride can have. It’s simple enough to introduce non-board gamers into the hobby but complex enough to keep die hard Ticket to Ride fans coming back for more. I specifically choose the UK/Pennsylvania version because it creates a fun spin on Ticket to Ride with stocks (Pennsylvania) and needing cards to enter different countries (UK).

Number 2: Sushi Roll


Sushi roll is all about the dice for me! It’s so satisfying rolling these dice to determine which “sushi” to pick. The game is fast too.

Number 1: Parks


I love love love the national parks, so any game that has this theme is a win win for me! The game play and art work in Parks are also supreme. I could play this on repeat.


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