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Top 3 Games - Jelle

As our collection grew really fast in the last year, we saw a lot of potential "top list" games passing by. Boardgames became even more popular thanks to the lockdowns and sometimes we had the idea we couldn't even keep track of all those new releases.

We discovered a lot of great games like Nidavellir, Calico, NY Zoo, Trek12, Rajas Of The Ganges, Marvel Splendor, Mandala Stones and Gorinto to name a few. All these are on the top of our shelves, but the next three are really standing out for me:

We somehow didn't back the first Kickstarter campaign, but slowly felt the FOMO coming up when they've started to fullfill the game earlier this year. As we only read positive things regarding gameplay, we decided we had to check out what it was all about. So we ordered a base game through Amazon and fell in love after our first plays.

There's no rocket science behind it for sure, but the way the gameplay is build, fighting villians with your favorite super heroes is just genious. What makes it great is the accesibility for all type of players and the replayability because of all the different characters. Every game is different and delivers big fun on game night. We're happy we took the plunge and yes we've backed the new X-Men campaign to!

One of our favorite genres has always been roll/flip and writes. We've spend hours playing games like Welcome To, Doodle Sketchup and Railroad Ink. So we were happy to see that the genre also grew to the next level with more challenging games like Cartographers, Hadrian's Wall and Fleet offcourse!

We were really flabbergasted when we played our first game. All those scoring options and complexity packed in a roll & write game felt so refreshing and challenging. An opinion shared by all the friends we've played it with in the mean time and thus a game that pops up on the table quite often.

1. Parks

There's no love like the first, a saying that pretty much sums up how we feel about our number one. We were already playing boardgames like Hotel, Stratego and even Tsuro before, but when we first played Parks a whole new world opened up. It was the first time we'd played a game of this type and beauty and has set the standard high for all games to follow.

As it was also the first Kickstarter we've backed, it won't be a surprise that it didn't only get us into the hobby but also into backing games and other stuff!

Parks doesn't hit the table that much any more, but it will always be our first love!

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