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Top 3 Games - Nat

I'm one of those people that likes picking favourites. I have a favourite colour (blue), snack (crisps), TV show (The Jetsons)... I could go on. I'm also one of those people that never changes. My favourites have been my favourites since I was very little. Unsurprisingly, there has been very little movement in my top 3 tabletop games for years. In fact, 2 of my top 3 have been there for almost 30 years.... Anyone who follows me will probably know what they are, but for those of you who don't.. and for those of you wondering on...

My favourite game of all time is Magic The Gathering. It is the best deckbuilding game out there. I have spent many, many years of my life building all sorts of decks full of vampires, merfolk, werewolves and a plethora of other wonderful, magical creatures. I don't think there is much better in life than a MTG draft with friends and a big packet of crisps. If you love deck building like me and you haven't played MTG you are definitely missing out (though you will certainly be richer for it). The blind boosters get me every time! I vividly remember my brother teaching me magic back when it came out in the 90s, I had no idea what he was going on about... Mana and tapping - I was so confused...but we kept playing and we still play magic together today. THE BEST! (For those who care, I play black.)

My second favourite game is Boggle. Like Magic, Boggle has been a solid favourite of mine since I was a kid and I can't see that ever changing. I love the speedy game play, the simple anagrams and the fact that I can pretty much thrash anyone who challenges me. Did I mention that I'm a very competitive gamer? (No Co-ops for me thanks!)

My third favourite game is fairly new to the spot, but it certainly deserves to be there - Food Chain Magnate! It's such a me game - The theme, the mechanics, the super competitive gameplay, did I mention the theme? I really enjoy trying to perfect my strategies and love that there's always so much to think about every turn. Oh and I absolutely adore the retro aesthetic.

So, those are my top 3 tabletop games. Thanks for reading about them. Do any of them feature in your top 3 too?


Editors note. Nat is the designer of many amazing games, including Knock Knock! First Words. Her first self published title here. A fantastic game that I would highly reccomend for any new parents or gifts to people with such blessings!

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