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Top 3 Games - Gamer Griffson

by Alex Eugenio @gamergriffson

Hello everyone! My name is Alex, and I am so excited to share my Top 3 games with you! Bear in mind I just got into the hobby maybe two years ago? So, take my top three list with a grain of salt. I think the hardest thing about making a Top 3 list is that my favorites are always changing. It usually boils down to the current game I am playing but these three are games I will always come back to!

I couldn’t not add a deck-builder to my list of top games. Dominion was my gateway game so naturally I gravitated to Clank! and I have a deep love for deck-builders. This game, to me, is just pure FUN. The theme alone just screams adventure, and you can’t help but get excited the moment you enter the dungeon. The way the cards integrate with the artifacts and movement on the board is just so well done. It perfectly combines strategy and heart-racing mechanics. Is that a real mechanic? It is now! And I appreciate a game that has me sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time. This is that game that I will always suggest bringing to the table whether you have experienced gamers around or not. To me, the fact that everyone at different gaming levels can enjoy this game speaks to how great it is. Inviting me over for a game night? I’m bringing my buddy, Clank! Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars is the most played game in our household! I am a sucker for anything space-themed so that alone was a win for me already. In Terraforming Mars, you’re playing as a corporation that seeks to raise the global parameters on Mars so that it is habitable. You do so by drafting and playing cards that manipulate your personal tableau of abilities. This lets you place certain tiles that increase oxygen, raise the temperature or discover ocean areas. When I first played this game, I was impressed by how fun it turned out to be. Each global parameter you raise earns you a point and while it may not seem like a directly competitive game, the parameters max out at a certain point. So, basically, it’s a race to get those points first! Who doesn’t love a good ‘ol fashion race? I love how the cards and components integrate with each other wherein your components/tiles on the board are a physical depiction of the strategy behind the cards you play. You can see the effects of your cards in real time and to slowly watch Mars become terraformed is so enjoyable! This is a much longer gameplay than Clank! but I will never turn down a game. Lisboa

I have no business liking this game. It involves every mechanic I am terrible at: economy, tile placement, city building, politics, etc. But, in fact, I LOVE IT! So much so that this is for sure my favorite game in our collection. It just hits all the marks for me- everything from the theme, gameplay, components to complexity. I love that the theme is so personal to Vital Lacerda deriving from an actual event in history in his hometown in the 1700s- destruction of a city after an 8.5-9.0 magnitude earthquake, tsunami and three days of fires. The artwork from Ian O’Toole is just top notch (as always) and the detail of each component is astounding. There was never a time during gameplay where I thought to myself, “I wish this did this,” “I wish you could do this,” or “I like this game BUT…” To me, that’s a sign of a- dare I say it- near perfect game. A bold statement, I know, but remember when I said take my opinions with a grain of salt? :) Nonetheless, even if this is not the perfect game for you, it is so worth giving a shot and strong consideration for a space in your collection.

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