Railroad Ink - A Love Letter

Railroad Ink – an instant connection! by Favourite Foe

In readiness for getting my eager paws on the new Railroad Ink Challenge Editions (Lush Green and Shining Yellow) by Horrid Games next month, I thought it would be fun to reflect on where my love affair with the Railroad Ink series started.

And when I say love, I mean it. My heart beats faster, my palms sweat, and my eyes sparkle when I see that little red box sitting coquettishly on my shelf. It calls to me. It teases me. It whispers sweet somethings in my ear.

Indeed, over the weekend, with feelings as fired up as its Blazing Red cover, I was seriously considering sending my own copy a Valentine’s Day card. A heart shaped, hand-written token of my unadulterated adoration.

I didn’t (well, that’s my story and I am sticking to it!) but I think I will always be smitten with this little game.

I am almost too ashamed to admit this, but it was nearly the greatest love story never told.

Early into my hobby gaming obsession (was that really only less than a year ago?!), I tasked myself with buying our first ga