Top 3 Games - Maddie

Updated: May 11

By @Cogito ergo Meeple aka @philosophia_game

Playing a board game is definitely one of the best ways to spend an evening (in my opinion anyway!). I started playing modern board games several years back and I now design games with the team at Cogito ergo Meeple. The latest being Philosophia: Floating World which is a simultaneous deck-builder for 1-6 players set in Feudal Japan.

I love the experiences that board games offer and, as you may be able to tell from my top 3, I particularly appreciate games that have a strong theme which connects seamlessly with the mechanics. Needless to say I really enjoy many other games too, but these three are the ones that make regular appearances on my tabletop and, in my opinion, could never outstay their welcome!


One of the first modern board games I ever played and a perfect fit for wine-lovers like myself! The artwork in the game is excellent and the game itself includes quality components (my personal favourites are the glass wine beads!). The game is also very thematic which is something that’s important to me. Many games I’ve come across use the artwork as one of the main ways to represent the theme, but in Viticulture it is embedded into the mechanics; the act of planting your vines, harvesting them, ageing them… it really makes the whole game come together which I find very satisfying!

I also love how replayable it is and the fact that it works well at different player counts. An all-round great game! I highly recommend a crisp white New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc for the perfect pairing!

Raiders of the North Sea

I love all the interesting decisions that can be made on your turn, I always feel there is something I can do to help me progress. I also really enjoy the player interaction aspect of this game. When taking the ‘work’ action, you have to place one of your workers in an available building that corresponds to a specific action and then pick up another from a different building which gives you a second action. This makes me want to not only think about the actions I want to take in my next few turns, but to pay attention to what my opponent(s) are doing so I can block them.

A thoroughly enjoyable game with tons of interesting decisions! I’ve actually just bought Raiders of Scythia. It hasn’t hit the table yet but I have high expectations as I’ve heard it removes the ‘take that’ element from Raiders of the North Sea which isn’t my favourite.


I have no other way to begin but to mention this game’s artwork - what a dream! The territories are absolutely beautiful and you really feel like you’re sucked into the world of Inis as you expand and travel into different territories and build your clan.