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Top 3 Games - Karolina

For years I thought I didn't need Gloomhaven. It's too big, too long and there is no place for it in my life. It suddenly changed after the Frosthaven campaign last year. We decided to get it and OMG it changed our lives! I love every part of it especially when you change characters.

In 10 months we completed 50 scenarios and I am currently playing my fourth character. It is difficult to get to the table but we play it overall quite often - we do a longer session once a month keeping it on the table for 2 days. We usually manage to play four scenarios that way. I will not be getting Jaws Of The Lion anytime soon, but I will eagerly wait for my Frosthaven to arrive.

When I first played Brass Birmingham I was stunned that this game was smarter than I am. I couldn't believe it! I didn't know what I was doing and I didn't see the right strategy. It was an amazing thing because it doesn't really happen to me. I usually just figure out the game within the first couple of rounds and this time it was different. I adore it for that and every time it gets to the table it's an amazing experience.

Arkham Horror LCG was my favorite game for years. I love how incredibly immersive it is. I love the whole Lovecraft universe and this campaign game brings it to life in the best possible way. There are so many possibilities to combine cards and make amazing combos happen in every turn. Every campaign feels like a new adventure and due to different investigators it's incredibly replayable. It is an expensive game so I am not buying every circle (campaign) but so far I loved every game that I played.

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