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The Diary of a Madwoman - The Final Stats

On the back of having just played every single game in the month of December, we decided that now would be the ideal time to try and get our heads around ranking the games. We are two people, and have different ideas about what games are best, so we have decided to complete our own rankings in separate rooms without conferring. We then had to swap our lists to try and find the repeated games and missed out games. Turns out making a list of 87 games when we have tidied them all away nicely with all our brand new Christmas games is super tricky.

So these are our 85-1 rankings of the games, split up into nice easy chunks. Only 85 as we are counting the triple century as a single game. They are three separate base games, but as we played them combined they all sit together in this list.

The Rotters

The Playable for a Nice Changes

Getting into the Goodies

Top 50!

Top 40!

Top 30!

Top 20!

Top 10!

Our Top 3!

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