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Quoridor Board Game Review

WBG Score: 8

Player Count: 2-4

You’ll like this if you like: Go, Chess, SHŌBU

Published by: Gigamic

Designed by: Mirko Marchesi

This is a review copy. See our review policy here

Quoridor was first made in 1997 and is a reimplementation of another game Pinko Pallino made in 1995. It is one of the many games redesigned in the wooden Gigamic range distributed in the UK by Hachette Boardgames UK. It mixes classic elegance with modern board game production. Let's get it to the table to see if it is any good.

Quoridor Board Game Review

How To Set Up Quoridor

Each player will choose one of the four player pawns. This is placed in the middle on the front row by each player, either side of the board, facing each other. Distribute 10 fences to each players side, placed horizontally into the slots behind each players line. You are now ready to play. You don't have to put them there, you could just leave them to the side if you wish. But it is a nice visual aid to remind players how many each player has left. Which is pretty important in the game.

Quoridor Board Game Review

How To Play Quoridor

On each players turn they can do one of two things. Either move their pawn one space orthogonally in any direction, or place one of their unused fences anywhere on the board. When you run out of fences you must move. The fences can be placed vertically or horizontally, they don't have to be touching but must be in a complete space, they cannot straddle more than two blocks.

The object of the game is to get your pawn to your opposing players base line, whilst stopping them from doing this to you. You can use fences to obstruct them but you cannot form a complete blockage across the board. There must always be a path for a pawn to move to the back line. You must slow them down but you cannot stop them altogether.

When two pawns face each other you can then jump over the opposing pawn. If there is a fence blocking your landing on a jump, this is the only time you can move diagonally.

Quoridor Board Game Review

You can play this game two player or four player. In a four player game the four pawns are placed on either end of the board, one per side. Each player is given five fences. The rules of the game are the same, jumping is still aloud, but can only only ever jump one pawn at a time.

Is It Fun? Quoridor Board Game Review

Playing this game feels a lot like a mix between Chess and Checkers. There is the delicate balance needed between attack and defence. With limited turn options, but seemingly endless opportunities. The game flows very quickly and you will find early games race by as players learn the various strategies available. Later games can become a little more of a stalemate, especially if one player begins to mirror another players moves. But as you must move when you have no fences, the stale mate can only last so long.

Players must remain vigilant not to get too close to the other player, or they may offer them the chance to jump over them, gain valuable ground, and race to the base line. But you also do not want to waste any movement or turns moving away or moving backwards. This game is all about efficiency. One wrong move can often be enough to seal your fate.

Quoridor Board Game Review

There are some hilarious moments as you play. Players often will try and block other players in, forcing them down winding paths, away from their goal. On occasions it can work out beautifully that you can manipulate the other player to go one way, only to block the path at the last minute, making them backtrack and go back the other way. But be careful as you are doing this to another player they don't simply go and do the same to you, but better!

The opportunities to do some really clever and unexpected things with the fences in this game feels endless! As you learn the game, more options and ideas will come to your mind. You will start to pull out more intricate and forward thinking plans. Just like chess. It is an utter joy to develop your skills in this game.

Online, the game has a huge following. You can play online for free on BGA. There are also some great online strategy guides worth checking out if you want to take the game a little more seriously. Here is a good one offering some good starting moves.

My only downside is the fences are a little wonky, and the groves in the board seem to be cut a little haphazardly. There could be a little more craftsmanship in this game. But if you want a nice coffee table game to leave out and pick and up play easily when guests come round, this could be perfect for you. If you want a game you could obsess over for months on end, this also could be the game you are seeking. It is so versatile and offers a quick, fun, and layered gaming experience, one I would recommend to anyone.

Available from and all good Hobby Stores.

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