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Dumb Questions To Ask Your Friends Party Game Review

WBG Score: 8

Player Count: 3-8

You’ll like this if you like: Your friends!

Published by: Big Potato Games

This is a review copy. See our review policy here

Well, here we go again! Another bright bundle of joy from the great people at Big Potato Games! How they keep delivering fresh boxes of fun every few months, I will never know. But they do, and they have done it again. It is worth mentioning at this point the huge bias I have from the hours of fun they have already given me. I am an official fan boy of Big Potato Games now. And think I will have a conscious bias towards them for the rest of my days. But, I think I can still pick out the duds from the crowd. But this game is far from a dud.

Upon receiving it, we had it opened, learnt and played within minutes. My entire family gets excited when a box from Big Potato Games comes now. And we simply cannot wait to get them to the table. So with that said, lets do exactly that now with you.

Dumb Questions To Ask Your Friends Party Game Review

How To Set Up Dumb Questions To Ask Your Friends

Open the box and unfold the scoring board, placing it on a table. You are now ready to play! It really is that simple

How To Play Dumb Questions To Ask Your Friends

Pick someone to go first. They are the Guesser. They will now pick one of the six categories: Animals, Players, Numbers, Food, Objects, or Famous People. All the categories are pretty self-explanatory. Other than 'Players', which is all about the people playing the game with you right now. Any other player then takes five cards from the chosen category and shows the top card to all players except the Guesser. Each player who saw the card then shouts out their answers to the question. This can happen in any order.

Dumb Questions To Ask Your Friends Party Game Review

The cards are then shuffled and read out loud one by one. The Guesser has to place each card, as they hear it, onto the Scoring board on one of the five available spaces. If they think the question they just heard was likely to be the one everyone answered, they will place it above the four space, meaning it was most likely the card they saw. If they think it was not the card everyone answered for, they place it above the zero space for least likely.

Once cards have been placed they are then locked. They cannot be adjusted later as the Guesser hears subsequent cards. The Guesser will hear each question one by one. So they must consider what may come up later and judge each card accordingly. When all five cards have been read and ranked, the other players then reveal what was the correct question, and wherever this card was placed is the points the Guesser scores this round.

Pick a new Guesser and play the next round. Officially, you should play the game so that everyone gets to be the Guesser twice in a three to five-player game, and just once in a six to eight-player game. But as usual with games like this, I recommend you simply play until everyone wants to stop. Which for us, generally means hours!

Dumb Questions To Ask Your Friends Party Game Review

The player with the most points at the end wins. But I am unsure how much you will score. We mainly just play for fun.

Is It Fun? Dumb Questions To Ask Your Friends

This is so much fun! Some categories work better than others, but it seems to suit personalities. Some people I have played with love the randomness of the numbers. Others enjoy the personal touch of the Players category. But all categories can make for utter hilarity!

"You think I am the most likely person here to do what?!"

Dumb Questions To Ask Your Friends Party Game Review

The game works with all ages too. Some cards are a little adult in theme for the younger players, but can be easily removed if they pop up. But there is nothing outrageous here. It may just be a word they don't quite understand, or a thing they don't do. Falling in love on first dates, for example!

But ultimately, each time I have played this, I have had a lot of fun. Laughter has filled the room. And people have been smiling and having fun. This game almost guarantees that!

Dumb Questions To Ask Your Friends Party Game Review

There are blank cards for each category, giving you the chance to customise the game and make up your own questions. Which is a lovely touch. Some of the pre-written questions really are brilliant and work so well with my group. As such, I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to have fun with their family or friends and is looking for a game that can help expedite that in an almost immediate sense! We have added this game into small breaks between other games, end of the night fun, or simply as a quick game after food. It works in all occasions and I think will be a staple for us for years to come. There are hundreds of cards, and even though you draw five each round, you only answer one each time. So there is plenty of fun in this box.

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