UFO Wave - Kickstarter Preview


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Fighting the scum of the universe! That’s right! Time to sort out those pesky humans so us Aliens can safely invade!

In UFO Wave, the traditional roles are reversed! It’s time to see things from the other side and play as the Aliens. The aim of the game is to score as many points as you can before the deck runs out. This is done by successfully building crop circles, abducting various lifeforms, harvesting samples and many more fun actions. It’s a fast and fun family friendly game full of take-that and hand management and could well be your new favourite post dinner game with your family.

I want to believe!

Setting up the game is very simple. First you need to separate the decks into the Scan, Plan, Species and Event cards. Deal out five Plan cards to each player and seven face up Scan cards into a row. Then shuffle in two of the Event cards in the remaining Scan deck, and place this with the Plan deck in the centre of the table. And that’s the set up!

(Game mat will be available on the kickstarter as an extra)

Players will then take it in turns to draw one Plan card and then play as many Plan cards from their hand as they like to facilitate a better and more productive Scan phase. Players then need to make a choice of taking either one Activity card from the face up Scan cards or move a Human card either to their or an opponent’s play area. This continues until the Scan deck runs out, at which point all players total their cards to determine the winner.

In Space, no one can hear you scream!

In the Plan stage, some cards will allow you to take multiple Activity cards instead of just one. Others will allow you to rearrange the scan row into any order you chose. The order of the cards can be crucial as taking an Activity card that is next to another specific card can have unwanted consequences. If a Human card is next to an Activity card, any player that takes that Activity card alerts that Human and that card comes into your play area too. This could be a Sky Watcher, which reduces your hand size by two or a Man in Black, which reduces your end game score by 4. Or many others, none of which you will want. Apart from the Believers card. In the draw phase, whom ever has the most Believers in their play area can draw two cards, picking one and discarding the other instead of just one.

There are also Energy cards, which like the Human cards, activate if any adjacent card is played. These can give you positive or negative points, so you need to plan accordingly. You could find a five-point Harvest card is next to a negative one Energy card. Playing a Plan card that lets you move a Scan card or rearrange the whole Scan deck could be quite powerful in this situation.

You're not gonna believe what I saw!

But the choices don’t end there. Each Plan card has two options. A basic or advanced action. At the start of the game, you will be assigned a Species to play as. Each species has one activity which they specialise in, which allows you to play the advanced option of this plan card for free. For the other advanced options, you need to play the Plan card you want to use the advanced feature of alongside a Craft card. An Alien Ship card of various sizes. This upgrades your action to the advanced option, which are quite a fair bit more powerful.