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Something Wild Card Game Review

WBG Score: 7

Player Count: 2-4

You’ll like this if you like: Simple card games, Kompromat, Fluxx.

Published by: Funko Games

Designed by: Prospero Hall

Something Wild is a series of card games, themed across multiple IP's, including Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, and Dr. Seuss. They all play the same, but can be mix and matched into bigger games. This review will cover the basics of the game, as well focusing on the Baby Groot version I have. That's right, Baby Groot! I know!!!! So, let's get it to the table and see how it plays.

Set Up

Separate the playing and bonus cards. Shuffle both decks and deal three cards to each player. Then place the bonus cards face down on the table next to the Baby Groot and turn one face up. It should look something like this. Have a play with Baby Groot for as long as you feel necessary, then start the game.

How to Play

On each players turn, they will draw one card, then place one of their cards face down in front of them. Players are looking to create sets of the same numbers, or runs of the same colour. If you create a set or run of three cards, you can discard these cards and take the current face up bonus card as your own. The first person to get three bonus cards wins.

The bonus cards all have a colour matching the cards in the deck. When you play a card down that matches this colour, or any card with the Baby Groot symbol shown on the 'one's,' you can take the Baby Groot mini and place it in front of you. The player who has the Baby Groot mini is about to use the face up power card, or any power card they have previously taken, if you choose, on their turn. You will either take Baby Groot from another person, or from the centre of the table if it is near the start of the game and no one has claimed him yet.

Is it Fun

Playing Something Wild is fast, fun, and quite addictive. Games can be over very quickly, sometimes in less than five minutes in a two player game. I often play multiple games, playing a best of three of five. The bonus cards offer very strong powers that affect the game a great deal. You can complete sets with any number, have extra turns, or even swop cards with other players. Using the power cards well will greatly increase your chances of winning.

The art on the cards is bright, and a lot of fun. The characters all look like the Funko Pop characters you can collect, and are very appealing to younger players. The icons on the cards are very clear, with just the number and colour needing to be identified. But they have symbols too to make the game work for people who suffer from colour blindness.

The baby Groot is adorable and worth buying the game for alone! He is useful in the game, identifying who can use the power cards, but just looks so cool as well. I can see how collecting these games could become as much fun as playing them. I want all the little characters now!

The only other icon to look out for is the symbol on the Baby Groot cards, but this is clearly labelled. Making this game very accessible and suitable for children from six and up. With my family, when finished playing, they will just 'play' with the cards for ages afterwards. Organising them into colours, or groups. Playing little games with them. It's how I got the idea for these photos.

However I would say the icons on the power cards are a little less clear. There is a very simple to use and understand reference guide in the rules that you can leave open for your first few games as you learn. But I do feel this could have been made easier for younger players with more clear icons. Or even just if they had written the meaning on the card itself! There is plenty of space.

If you collect multiple versions of this game you can mix any two sets. You will shuffle all the playing cards together and give each player one pile of power cards for a more varied game. The concepts are all generally the same, but the theme obviously changes from box to box.

Something Wild is one of those games I would recommend to anyone. I can see myself gifting multiple copies of this game in the future. It is perfect as a gift for a child's party, or a stocking present. The game is so accessible with light and easy to understand rules that anyone could play this. And there is a theme to suit most people.

My children are already eyeing up a few more sets! As am I in truth. And the game is fun to play. It's quick and easy, and the perfect filler game. It will fit in most bags, or any pocket out of the box. I can see this coming to a lot of restaurants and pubs with us in the future. Although not Baby Groot. No, he is staying proudly on display atop my gaming shelf.

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