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Obey The Clay Party Game Review

WBG Score: 8.5

Player Count: 2-99

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Published by: Big Potato Games

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Big Potato Games, the absolute Kings and Queens of party games, partnering with Aardman for a clay-based party game? Yes, please! I am a huge fan of team-based party games; they work so well with all ages, and everything the Big Potato team touches turns to fun. Let's get this to the table and see how it plays.

Obey The Clay Party Game Review

How To Set Up Obey The Clay

Split into two teams. One player can act as the clay master and read the challenges and control the timer if you like, but this is not essential. If you have an even number or no one wants to be the clay master, you can just do this for each other. Get the clay out and ready. A nice warming roll on the table and in the hands will do the trick. Level the timer by evening out the bits on each side, then use a piece of the clay, fashioned into the shape of a coin, to determine the first active team with an old-fashioned coin flip. Then split the clay in half and give each part to either team. Finally, place the plastic eyes and cards out on the table. The cards are double-sided, with one half being aimed at either team. You are now ready to play.

Obey The Clay Party Game Review

How To Play Obey The Clay

The clay master, or anyone from the non-playing team, will now flip the timer to show the color of the active team on the top and read out one card with the corresponding color. The active team will then try to complete the task just read to them as quickly as possible. When this is achieved to the satisfaction of all players, the timer is flipped over, and a challenge card is then read to the second team. This will continue until the time runs out on one of the team's turns. The other side is declared the winner of round one. To win the game, you need to win three rounds.

Obey The Clay Party Game Review

Is It Fun? Obey The Clay Party Game Review

Playing with clay is fun, and doing so with the varied and hilarious challenges in this game is brilliant. The clay initially appears to be the star in this game, but it's the cards that make it truly enjoyable. They are varied, unexpected, funny, and most importantly, entertaining. It's not just about the thing you have to make, but the way you use it. You will need to act, run, recite verses, and generally make a bit of a fool of yourself. If you like this sort of thing, you will love this game.

Moulding clay brings a very pleasing sensation. Crafts like this generally do not happen in adult life, doing so reminds me of simpler times. There is a satisfying sensation derived from playing with clay in your fingers, rolling it on a table to create a shape, squeezing it in your fist to make a ball. Or fashioning something funny looking that makes your friends laugh. It all brings joy.

Obey The Clay Party Game Review

However, be careful not to enjoy this too much! The timer moves quickly, and if you get caught up in your own artistic hubris, you may well lose the game very quickly! This is not a game about creating works of art; it's about acting fast and delivering efficiency. This levels the game out for those of us with less artistic flair, making it accessible for all ages and skill levels. In order to fulfil the task of creating an umbrella, you need to sell the act with your performance more than the actual shape and styling of the clay.

I would recommend this game to any family or group that enjoys party games with an element of creativity. Obey The Clay gives you a very simple and quick opportunity to create fun. That is what party games should do, and this delivers on all levels. You can set up and teach this game in a few minutes, and it guarantees laughter during the games.

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