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Godtear: Champion Pack Review

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

WBG Score: 8

Player Count: 2

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Godtear: Champion Pack Review

Godtear is a wonderful skirmish game with some incredible card play that often delivers great moments. But a huge part of why I enjoy it so much, and why it keeps coming back to the table over and over again is the ever expanding universe of Champions that you can play as.

If you want to read about the main game, how it plays, and my thoughts on it, you can check our full review out here. But if you want to read about the different characters you are in the right place. There are many more characters available than covered here. These are just the ones I chose to get. My favourites. You can find out more about the full list of available champions here. But for now, let's dust off our battle axes and take a closer look at the ones I have been fighting with. Let battle commence!

Godtear: Champion Pack Review

First up in this Godtear: Champion Pack Review, let's take a look at my favourite Guardian champions. The Guardians are blue. They get a bonus if their banner is still positioned at the end of each second phase. They tend to be a little more defensive.

Helena is the only champion without a separate banner. She carries her own flag with her at all times. This means scoring with her for her banner is a lot easier. She is harder to defeat than a stand alone banner. Her peasants fight loyally beside her, helping her stay alive by healing her and rallying around her position. She works very well with other champions that can make use of her ultimate skill to recruit. If they can use and sacrifice their followers, she can bring them back to fight another day.

Mourneblade is easily killed with a health of just one! But his followers lock their enemies in their grip and stop them from moving. Reducing their speed to zero if they are adjacent to them. Mournblade is able to remove all his followers and replace them on the battle field within three hexes. So you could find yourself locked up pretty quickly when fighting him. As such, he is the perfect companion to a powerful fighter who can attack the stranded enemies.

Halftusk's followers, the Froglodytes, have an interesting ability to be bale to enter objective hexes. Something other followers cannot do. This blocks other players from being able to lay their banners, as they block up the otherwise available spaces. This makes Halftusk a great champion to play with when up against other Guardians. He can heal himself and when fully healed, has a better fighting ability.

Maelstrom champions are yellow. They get their bonus for taking out enemy followers. You want to use them when your opponent has a lot of weak followers to pick off.

Blackjaw gets a bonus action whenever he knocks out an enemy follower, as well as a bonus point. His followers, the Unburnt Reavers, can weaken nearby followers, allowing Blackjaw to come in and take them out. He has great mobility and range for his attacks, meaning he can surprise you with damage when you thought you were too far away.

Kailinn has just two followers, but they are tough and work well together, offering their partner the chance to use each others available skills. Kailinn herself is even more resistant, and can use her horn to take out enemy followers, no matter their defence. She is a fast mover, the fastest in the game in fact, with a movement stat of four, and she can help the rest of your champions move about the board too, but she cannot enter objective hexes. So she needs to work with another champion that can take out banners for her.

Grimgut's Retchlings are easily taken out, but reward their victor with zero points, and Grimgut can simply spew them back onto the battle field. As such, Grimgut is best played in an aggressive, front foot style, charging into his opponents, and using his Retchlings to surround his enemies. And when Grimgut is ready to gorge, he can use his ultimate Buffet skill to eat three followers within range delivering six points due to his maelstrom bonus. He may look disgusting, but he has devastating attacks and is a tough opponent to grind down.

Slayers are red champions and get a bonus for taking out an enemy champion. Something that is a lot harder to do that most other things in this game, but they all have great attacks to help do this.

Maxen is a formidable foe with a loyal following of robotic Gearhawks. He can remove an enemy's banner when he takes out a champion, and this is something he can do with aplomb in the clash phase, when his Blunderbuss weapon comes into full effect. He has a range of three with his gun and can roll up to six damage with it. Maxen can also stuff his gun with his mighty Gearhawks and fire them at his adversaries. Taking two damage for each Gearhawks lost this way. Meaning, if he uses all four of his fearsome birds, he can attack with a guaranteed damage of eight! A lot of followers means he is vulnerable to other Maelstroms, so it is best to sacrifice them yourself before they become plunder for other champions.

Skullbreaker, The Dragon Slayer

Skullbreaker, with his mighty Sword, has the highest potential single target damage in the game. He has only one attack, Jawblade, but it is mighty, delivering seven damage! He is tough, but with a low defence, so he needs to attack before he is taken out. He can help fellow champions followers by arming them with better attacks so works well with other champions with numerous followers who like to attack.

Shaper Champions are green, and get a bonus for making a claim action. They offer more control of the board during the game but are not the best fighters and are used more to help other Champions and their followers in their battles.

Raith'Marid, The Rising Tsunami & Splashlings

This champion is all about disrupting the other enemy champions. Alone, he is quite weak, but in a team of fighters, they can spoil your opponents plans a lot by moving their characters around the board as you please. He can damage opponent's himself, and even his attacks move opponents about with a push effect. But his Spashlings have zero power in their attacks so are more about positioning other players where you want them.

Rattlebone is an interesting character to play as due to her attacks and actions mainly dealing boons and blights over damage. She is great for supporting your other fighters, and weakening your opponents. In the way that Raith'Marid moves the opposition around the board to let you fight them, Rattlebone softens them up for your attacks. Most of her and her Hexlings actions give out positive boons to strengthen your teams, or negative blights to weaken your opponents. She has decent mobility to allow her to place her banner and gain the bonus each round.

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