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Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Epic Alliances – Turning the Tide Expansion Review

WBG Score: 8

Player Count: 2-4 (but really 2)

You’ll like this if you like: Unmatched, Funkoverse, Smash Up

Published by: The Op

Designed by: Sean Fletcher

Disney Sorcerer's Arena is a brilliant three-on-three skirmish game set in the Disney world. The only thing you want more from with this game is extra characters. Well, low and behold the first expansion is out ready to deliver more Disney fun. You can read what I think of the main game here, or head straight on to see what is new with this first expansion for this brilliant game.

First up, lets talk about the new characters. That's what you are hear for after all!

Well, we have three corkers! Moana, Davy Jones, and Stitch. They are all together like this in this first expansion as this is nautically themed. Each character is an 'Oceanic' character. I sense the type of character will become more and more important with each expansion as they link to certain tile powers. More on that later.

Each character is well balanced and fits right in with the existing decks. They work very much in the same way. The only real change is a new feature, Constant Abilities. Stitch and Davy Jones have this on their character card and they provide ongoing affects that can be enacted at any point in the game. Such as Davy Jones ability to recover health when cursed, when an ally who is also Cursed deals any damage.

The cards are very much like the base game such Moana's Oar strike below. However, some utilise another new elements which link these new Oceanic characters. Within this box are three Ocean tiles which can be added to the board using Moana's cards and character power. These can be placed onto any empty space on the board. Whenever an oceanic character moves through them an additional movement point is given to them and they are then removed from the board. But when on the board, Moana's character gain's additional benefits such as recovering health and inflicting damage on rivals.

I sense these tiles are the start of a common new addition to the game. The second expansion is already announced. Thrills and Chills, due to be released at the end of August 2022. It doesn't yet say if these set will also add more tiles but I wager most new expansion's now will.

It is a welcome addition to the game. This is what I said in my review of the base game.

I would like to see some variety in the board in future expansions, with perhaps some tiles to add to the board that bring in more variety based on where you are. At the moment, it is just a rush for the centre spots and a smash-em-up battle once all characters are there. This is fun, but does make the rest of the board someone redundant.

Well here you go! Confirmation if ever you needed it that Sean Fletcher reads WBG!

Joking aside, the titles are a welcome addition and over time, with more expansions, I can see more coming in of different varieties, making your choice when you set up your team even more important. You will now have to think about the type of character and what tiles they will have access too as well as how they will work together when on the board.

Just like the base game, the three new characters come with their gorgeous acrylic standees. Don't forget to peel off the lining! I didn't spot that until I saw it written on the rules for this expansion. But once done, just look how good they are! I know Board Games can be all about minis, and I am down for that. But I don't paint. (Yet!) So, coloured standees like this do get my seal of approval.

The other main new addition with this first expansion is the introduction of a new status symbol used with Stich's character. 'No Punchbacks' blocks all damage that would be otherwise inflicted onto the super tough Alien, Stitch. Stitch can give this to other rival players to protect against future attacks.

As a first expansion for Sorcerer's Arena, I am very happy. I like the new powers, tiles, and characters. It develops the game nicely and brings in a great new addition when choosing who to play as.

For future expansions, I hope they continue with the new tiles, and the big names in Disney. The second one has Mother Gothel, Jack Skellington, and the Horned King which is exciting. I love the Nightmare before Christmas, my daughter is a huge Tangled fan, but I won't lie, I had to google The Horned King! With such a vast array of characters to choose from, and no legal issues as they own the IP, I assume they can go for who they want? King Louie, Slinky Dog, and Goofy would be a dream for me. Who would you want to see in future expansions?

And herein lies the core joy of this game. Being thrust into the magical world of Disney, and being able to bring these characters together from so many different worlds, stories, and films. It's an utter privilege.

I am a huge fan of this game, and this expansion only serves to increase my feeling of adoration for this box of joy. I love the new characters. They all add their own new take on the game. The new tiles are a very welcome addition. And the use of the Cursed for Davy Jones is thematically brilliant. I am all in for this and cannot wait to see what the next expansion brings, and which characters will be used in the future ones.

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