Crypt of Chaos Review

By Ben Herbert - @athroneofgames

Crypt of Chaos

WBG Score: 6/10

Player Count: 1-2 players

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Published by: Crystal Dagger Games

Designed by: Steven Shields

Alone in the dark dungeon, I’ve been going deeper into the darkest depths for some time now and been able to equip myself with new weapons and armour. The earlier spiders and crypt crawlers were no match for me, but the Goblin Guard protecting the sword I was here to find put up a fight. I will need to find a potion of healing soon if I have any chance of defeating the Dragon which guards the exit to the crypt. That is if I ever find the key I need to escape! Every chest I open risks triggering another trap.

Crypt of Chaos from Crystal Dagger games is a light, thematic, tile laying, dungeon crawler for one or two players that plays in about 30 minutes.

Players take on the roll of one of six classic fantasy archetypes and explore the crypt on a mission to discover the Lost sword, find the key, and make their way to the exit alive. Many traps, obstacles, and monsters lie in the way of our champion, including a Dragon which guards the exit to the crypt.

Set up of Sorcery

Set up of this small box game is easy and done in a couple of minutes. Start with getting yourself a fairly decent sized table so you have space to build the crypt out in any direction.

Select a champion from the six options available: Barbarian, Forest Elf, Mage, Warrior, Orc or Dark Elf. Take the appropriate number of health tokens, and take note of their base attack and defence score, plus any special ability the character may have.

Next, stack the three levels of the dungeon deck to form a draw pile. Separate out all the other components such as the treasure cards, attack cards, health tokens, monster markers and pawns.

Place the conveniently titled “Start here” floor tile in the in front of you and place your pawn on it.

You are ready for the adventuring!

Rules of Reckoning

Each action you can do one of four things. There are no between turn phases to slow things down so you just keep taking actions one after the other.

Explore – Take the top tile from the dungeon deck, flip it over, and place it adjacent to an existing tile and add any monster of treasure chest tokens. Placing two tiles with their entrances touching means your champion will be able to pass between them. You cannot place a floor tile beyond a tile that contains a living monster. Thematically this is because the monster is stopping you form exploring in that direction, so you must kill the monster to progress.