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Asteroid Dice Card Game Review

WBG Score: 8

Player Count: 2-5

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Published by: Camden Games

This is a free review copy. See our review policy here.

Asteroid Dice feels like a combination between dodgeball, and in a very weird way, Libertalia. It has huge, squishy foam dice, that you will be throwing at your family and friends, and I am unsure if you need any more introduction than that?! Let's get it to the table and see how it plays.

Set Up

Each player chooses a colour, and takes their set of cards. Place the foam dice into the centre of the player area and ensue all players are sat equal distance to them and each other.

How To Play

Simultaneously, players will now choose one of their seven cards to play face down on the table. When all players are ready, on a count of three, two, one, players will reveal their chosen card. The cards will either be a one to six (three not shown below for the sake of symmetry!) Or, one of the two special cards. The Losteroid card or the I Can't Decide card. As all players have the same cards, and you are slowly working your way through the deck, and you all know what everyone else has played, this is where the game starts to feel a little like Libertalia and the strategy comes in. You want to play a card that allows you to roll a higher number so you can win that round, but ideally not when other players play the same card.

If players played a number card, they must now take the matching dice. But if another player played the same card as you (including special cards) this turn, a Brawl ensues. This is where both players try to grab their chosen dice the same time (either one if a special card was played) and throw it at the other player. They need to avoid the other players head, pet, precious vase, or sleeping Granny. If they are successful, they win all cards played by the players in the brawl for juicy end game points. If they miss, and the other player ducks, dodges, and dives in true dodgeball style, both players can make a grab for the thrown dice, wherever it may now be, and try again. If the thrown dice is caught, that player can then throw the dice back at the person who attacked them. Parry's do not count. It has to be a clean catch.

Brawls can also happen with more than two players, if multiple duplicate cards are played at the same time. All players are now attacking each other with one dice. I would start running if I was you. Never be still in a game of Asteroid Dice!

Once all required brawls are over, all players will now take a dice. The one they played if they did so alone. Or the dice they won if they were in a brawl. For any player in a brawl who lost, they can now take any remaining dice. If you played the I Can't Decide card you will take any remaining card at this point. All players now roll their dice and the highest number rolled wins all remaining cards.

If someone played the Losteroid card, then before the roll takes place, they must declare any number out loud. If anyone then rolls that number, all cards played this round are discarded, bar the Losteroid card. Which is placed into any players hand, as chosen by the player who played it that round.

If someone played the I Can't Decide card, they can re-roll their dice one time at this point. Players then pick up their cards and go again for the next round, less one card. This continues until all players have played all cards.

Final scoring is calculated based on the numerical value of each card in each players score pile at the end of the game. If you have a Losteroid card in your hand, you have to discard your highest scoring card at this point. Most points wins! But really it is down to most hits with the dice! Let's be honest why we are all here.

Is It Fun?

I think the level of fun you will take out of this game will vary greatly based on the amount of fun you can see yourself having from throwing a foam dice at a loved one. For me, that meant crazy amounts of fun! And I think most children will agree! We did have the odd tear, as dice caught people in the eye from close range. We starting sitting a little further apart from each other at this point. And really enforcing the "no-headshots" rule! But mainly, playing this game created huge amounts of belly laughter and fun. I love it.

It is a very simple game, and can be taught in minutes. It is the perfect game to take to a family gathering, works well outside, but not in the pub. As I found out. Sorry John. (My local landlord). You do need a bit of space, and ideally an environment where everyone in the near vicinity, playing or not, doesn't mind being hit by a foam dice.

They do not hurt when they hit you. They are very soft. But it is not for everyone. And you need to ensure 100% compliance and acceptance for everyone present. Not just the players Again, sorry John!

I would heartily recommend this game to any family, or group who enjoy silly, but fun games likes this. Games that can get you jumping up and moving around. You can play sat around a table. We have done that, but it does take away most of the challenge. Although we found a lot of throws were caught and simply returned, you don't always get your own way if you grab the dice first. But a little ducking and diving makes for a much more entertaining experience if players are up for that.

This game feels like it has been made with a huge amount of joy, love, and happiness. And bar the odd dice in your tummy, you will feel this as you play.

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