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Congratulations on finding this page. If you want to enter the competition to win a copy of the awesome Divvy Dice for yourself, submit a message to me on this website using the Contact Me option below, and enter the word "Divvy Dice" in the subjec and be sure to add in your insta handle so I know who you are if you are not logge into the site. I will then enter you into the draw. The winner will be drawn at random on Saturday 16th Jan 2021 at 12pm midday. The prize cannot be exchanged for anything else. If it gets lost in the post then I am sorry, but I will post to you, anywhere in the world from my house. This has nothing to do with anyone else. Just WhatBoardGame. Good luck.

For 5 bonus tickets into the draw, post on Instagram stories  tagging @jim.gamer saying "I found the egg!" 

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