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About Me

Hello! Thanks for visiting. Make yourself at home, kick off your shoes and why not stay a while? 


I am committed to only featuring the greatest board games, especially ones that have not had as much press elsewhere. Get in touch if you would like to be a part of this. 


I would like to shine a light on the independent designers, publishers, podcasters, YouTubers, Instagramers, artists, conference organisers, bloggers, reviewers and everyone else involved in this wonderful hobby. Plus one or two of my favourite larger players!


In short, I am obsessed with all things board and card games and would like to share this passion with you.

I play for three main reasons. 

1. I love spending time with my wife. TV off. Phones down. Just her and I locked in a battle of who will do the dishes!

2. Quality time with my children is so much better with games. I am not just enjoying time with them as they are my wonderful children, I am enjoying the activity too. I see their social skills develop. Their maths, language and comprehensions. Also their confidence and patience. Also, wonderfully, their game skills. They both regularly beat me!

3. After I busted my knee, I lost the one thing outside of my family that gave me the most joy: team sports. Playing games with my friends has replaced this in many new ways. It has opened up new social channels to me I never thought possible at this stage in my life. I have met new friends, learnt (learned  for my American and Canadian friends!) so many new things and become a far better person for it. (In that I don't shout at referees any more!)


There are thousands of games out there and I want to make your next print-and-play, kickstarter or retail purchase just that little bit easier. You can find me on instagram as @jim.gamer

Huge thanks to all who helped with this site. Mostly, Sara my amazing wife, my brilliant sister Becky for designing the logo, and Will who helped develop it and all the contributors. But most importantly, Ryan from The Gamecasters, who has gone above and beyond to help. I am forever in your debt, thnaks!  

Finally, for clarity, throughout the reviews and features, and on the shopping cart link, there will be direct links to affialte sites we work with. If you purchase through these with your cookies enabled then we will get a small % of the sale to help support the site. 

Yours forever in gaming, Jim. 

June 2020

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