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The Diary of a Madwoman - Part 4

Entry 7

This weekend was not as heavy as the previous one in terms of volume of games played. I don’t want to admit it but I am running out of steam a little. Turns out games take brain power and this close to Christmas when you work in a hectic sales environment, perhaps a few hours of games everyday after work is a touch too far?

We took it easier this weekend, and played Pandemic. Still seems mad to play this whilst living through one. Thankfully we won so I didn’t have the guilt of inflicting worldwide lockdown on the imaginary world I was playing to save!

We played Watergate which is a cool small box, big game experience. In this two player specific game, one person plays as the Nixon administration, and the other plays as the Washington Post editorial team. The editors are going to be trying to connect witnesses to Nixon by revealing evidence and pinning it to the board. The Nixon player is trying to get in the way by burying evidence and bribing witnesses. I played as the editors and thankfully for history, I won. Nixon was impeached and his presidency was in the bin. Where it belonged really.

That does bring us to a few stats. I have been keeping track of who has been winning, and what our most chosen colours are. I’m a huge yellow fan, and so this has been picked a smidge over 20% of the time. I have been deliberately trying out other colours though, not to skew the stats but to try and not be so predictable! I have also been tracking wins, at the moment I have won 40% of the games played, and MJ has won 20% of them. There are quite a few co-op games that we have played and we have also played via video call where neither of us has won.

Sat; Tabula, Watergate, Pandemic

Sun; Lost Ruins of Arnak, Hero Realms, Point Salad

Hero Realms and Point Salad are great, short and sweet games, I discussed Hero Realms in my top 3 games on the site. I chatted about Lost Ruins in the last diary entry, and the final one is Tabula. This is a game from the House of Marbles which is a Roman Game that is about moving glass beads around a ball according to dice rolls. It’s not a tough game, but I like it.

Entry 8

The Brain Burn. It has hit, and now I have an incredibly tired brain.

I absolutely love playing games. It has been my favourite thing to do during lockdown. But there is a big difference between vegging in front of the TV after a long day at work and playing at least three different games every night. We are now playing games that we often need to check the rules for. They aren’t the games we play all the time. And our brains are whacked.

We have now played 51 games out of our 87 in the collection. Of those six were brand new games that we needed to learn and play. Playtime has been 1830 minutes which is more than 30 hours of game time. In a touch over a fortnight. I mean is it any wonder my brain is turning to mush?

Short diary entry today as I need to get to bed and recharge. For tomorrow, we game. Again.

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