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One Card Maze Card Game Preview

One Card Maze Card Game Preview - This is a prototype print and play version and so it may not represent the final quality of the game.

One card maze just might be the simplest game to learn that I have ever played. Your job is to find the exit. You do so my moving through the open paths. But many doors will block your way. To unlock them you need to rotate the card in your hand by moving over the Spin icons so that door has an upward facing arrow. There are Flip icons that let you move to the other side of the card as well. Keep going until you find the exit. That's it.

Want more? Well here are the rules printed on one of the free to play print and plays you can find at their website. Just print out the page, cut out the maze, either size, and fold it down the middle and begin playing.

One Card Maze Card Game Preview

For the Kickstarter there will be a lot more mazes, nine in total, colour mazes, and a whole lot more treats I'm sure. All in the glorious print and play option. Check out the preview page here.

I have tried three mazes now, and had great fun with them. It's so simple. Just print the page, cut out the square, fold the map, sleeve or laminate the card if you wish, and away you go. You can take them with you in your pocket when you go out and play anywhere, and enjoy playing the same maze over and over. It takes a while to learn them by heart, so repeat plays works just fine. Especially if you are trying more than one maze during the same game session. We have had fun timing our escapes against each other. You may be surprised at how, under time pressure, the seemingly obvious flips and turns become very confusing! It makes for a great group experience.

It's such a lovely concept and one that is infinitely expandable. I hope hundreds of these little mazes get made. I want them all! A deck of one card mazes I can pull out and play when ever I want. A fun solo experience. An enjoyable group timed challenge. Something that works in any environment with nothing needed other than the card itself. You can play in the car (as a passenger obviously!), without a table, even when out and about walking, although please do be mindful of roads and the such! It would be fun if they could think of a way for the cards to link up. Either in a campaign mode or perhaps even joining them up for bigger mazes and surprises!

One Card Maze Card Game Preview

The print and play experience is so simple too. It's one page, with one rectangle shape to cut out. And then one fold. You will be up and ready from download to rules learn in under 5 minutes. Even if you have a terrible paper guillotine like me!

There is something so nice about holding a single card in your hand like this, and that be the complete game. Being able to turn and flip the card in your hand gives you complete control of everything, all with five fingers. It really is quite a unique, but delightful experience. Here are two sides of one of the early mazes. Have a try yourself. Can you escape? Set the rotation lock on your phone and have a try!

One Card Maze Card Game Preview
One Card Maze Card Game Preview

Playing the mazes themselves is a lot of fun. Some will be a lot harder than you first think, and you will get a little disorientated at times, but this is all part of the fun. Flipping and rotating the cards, you will loose track of where you are and where you are going on occasions, but generally this is just something you can follow with your eye. Although my kids do like to use a pencil to mark their tracks, then rub out after playing. The entire experience will take a few moments, but this is not about a long sit down strategic experience. This is about portable, flexible, engaging fun for a few moments. Something you can share with friends at the pub, or play with your family when on a journey somewhere.

I cannot wait to see how the Kickstarter goes and will be very keen to try as many of these mazes as I can get my hands on.

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